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The Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme( WED)- Food Processing was initiated and implemented in the country jointly by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO). Since 2004, WED operates as an independent unit within SIDO.

The programme is still maintaining the same objective of promoting productive employment and gender equality, within the focus on poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood. It contributes to empowerment of Tanzania women, employment generation and income distribution.

The impact of this programme has reached all the 21 regions in Tanzania Mainland and the Isles.


The programme operates using a business plan revised yearly to meet with market demand, the current activities carried out by the programme include:

  1. Food Processing and Entrepreneurship Development Courses including TOTs

  2. Consultancy for the Food Industry

  3. Provision of Information on Food Industry and Markets

  4. Organising open days and Trade Fairs for MSMEs

  5. Sourcing and sale of food processing equipments and inputs

  6. Facilities for Food Processing and Testing

  7. Networking and Advocacy

Food Processing and Entrepreneurship Development Courses including TOTs

WED has modern facilities for training entrepreneurs and trainers in the areas of food processing methods and technologies, food quality and safety, cleaner production complemented by business & entrepreneurship skills for managing the enterprises. The distinctive features of the trainings are:

  1. Combination of entrepreneurship and technical skills at the production centre offered by experienced trainers with reputable credentials. Trained entrepreneurs are equipped to start own food processing enterprises supported by advisory services.
    • Tailor-made training according to the needs of course participants. Courses vary in  length , in depth and within the scope of material covered.2.     A four week Training of Trainers Workshop
  2. Awareness training for Food processing entrepreneurs on the Malaria, HIV and AIDS  pandemics.
    • Use of participatory training techniques and sharing of experiences through  learning by doing.

Consultancy and Information on the Food Industry.

To achieve its goal of creating entrepreneurs in food processing industry WED offers the following services:

Surfing from Internet, local and international technology, compilation and offering information on food processing technologies, market, e.t.c. in form of publications, newsletters, bulletins, booklets etc.

Preparation on request of feasibility and other technical studies for MSMEs

Business cash-flows preparations

Proposals writing

Organising Open days and Trade Fairs for MSMEs:

In order to promote products made by women entrepreneurs, the programme organizes open days/exhibition for enterprises in food processing, packaging and related industry. Exhibitions provide a forum for interactions with consumers, policy makers, financiers and other stakeholders; in addition to promoting manufactured products

Participating exhibitors through these events receive good contacts including orders from supermarkets and hotels. The programme, also facilitate the participation to national and sub regional trade fairs e.g.. DITF, Nanenane, Nairobi and Kampala International Trade fairs, Africa Industrialisation Day, etc.

Facilities for Food Processing and Testing

WED has an excellent facility for food processing of various products including: fruits and vegetables, meat processing, pasta making, baking, mixing and milling of flour and grinding of spices, edible oil processing and others. In addition the unit has a quality control laboratory and RO water treatment plant. The unit is suitable for micro entrepreneurs wishing to expand their businesses. The facilities are situated at SIDO Industrial Estate along Nyerere road-Vingunguti area.


WED has trained 118 trainers to date who are executing the training function in all regions of Tanzania and Zanzibar. At least each of the 21 regions has 1-2 trainers, some located in the rural areas of the country. Following is the summary of statistics:

  • 2400 entrepreneurs have been trained in 1 month and short tailored courses (2 days -2 weeks); out of which over 585 are from 1-2 month courses.
  • Over 70% of trainees are in business  50% of those started business are producing regularly 20%of them are operating at the small-scale level.
  • Assets of the women in business ranges from US$ 670 to US$ 16200
  • 1700 jobs have been created by both long and short course participant
  • A few entrepreneurs export processed food products to neighboring countries
  • Value added to processed foods in comparison to materials from farms  is over 200%
  • Most of the created enterprises produce quality products, which are sold in different  supermarkets in the country competing parallel with imported food products.

Formation of a Food Processors Association (TAFOPA) operating independently from the programme and with over 200 paid up members is another positive impact of the programme


WED has performed following consultancies:

Year Consultancies Client Name

·  Feasibility Study for a Fruit & Vegetables

     Processing Unit

A.T. Stores, Dar es Salaam.

·  Co-authored the book - “Setting up and            Runninga Small Food Business” -

CTA Wageningen, Holland.

· Research Work on the Authoring of

   Opportunities In Food Processing Series”

·  Books on Dairy, Cereal and Grain and Meat   


CTA Wageningen, Holland
2002 · Feasibility study for a fruit-processing project Messr J. Semboja & Co.

·  Business & Food processing training for

    Muheza Entrepreneurs

Muheza District Council

· Dairy processing training for small dairy farmers    in Dar &  Coast


· Training in preservation of tomatoes

   for small holder farmers in Pemba

CARE - International

· Project Proposal preparation for funding

Department of Industrial

Development - Government of Zanzibar

2003 ·  F.Study for Fruit Processing Project Afrisian Gining Co. - Dsm
· Food Processing courses for 100 trainees ILO
2004 · TCDC Food Processing Preservation in Uganda FAO
· Food Quality and Safety Issues for SMEs- FAO
· Industrial Profiles for 5SMEs in Food Processing Kenya Gatsby Trust
· Food Processing and Entre.Dev. Skills Muheza District Council


Programme Co-ordinator- WED
SIDO Headquarters,
Mfaume Road, Upanga
P.O. Box 2476, Dar es salaam
Tel/ Fax. 2151383 ,2860077

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