In keeping with the spirit of Industrial economy in the country, there is a need for reliable supply of raw materials for smooth operation of industrial production. Sources of raw materials include availability of agro products, animal products and natural resources located within local environment. Production of such materials provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to engage in their production.

Possession of necessary skills is very important for productivity improvement and producing quality products that will result in high quality final products.  SIDO Geita has embarked on training sessions aimed at providing necessary poultry keeping skills to SME groups in Geita District to enable them to get high quality poultry products.

Since November 2017 to May 2018, three SME groups received training on poultry keeping skills in Geita and Katoro towns. The groups consist of a total 68 members.   In November 2017, training was conducted to  Mchakamchaka  Saccos members with a total of 22 trainees who were trained on poultry keeping and business management skills together with entrepreneurship knowledge for five days and the group was facilitated with a loan from SIDO to help them boost their working capital.  During the training, the trainees had a study tour of practicing SMEs and a hatchery unit managed by Geita District Council where they learned some practical aspects of the skills they received from the tutors.

On January 2018, another group of SMEs was trained on poultry keeping and business management skills. This group is called Mti project with its activities conducted within Geita town.  It consists of 22 members all of whom attended the training which was run for five days. During the training, the participants also had an opportunity to visit practicing SMEs to learn practical aspects of the lessons learned in class.
The training with Mchaklamchaka Saccoss was so successful that they connected another group of SMEs in Katoro known as Amani Group to approach SIDO Geita for the training and loan facility. They were trained on the poultry keeping and business management skills with entrepreneurship knowledge from 2nd May to 4th May 2018 whereby they, too, had an opportunity to visit practicing entrepreneurs and   the hatchery unit.

  All 24 members of this group attended the training. They also received a loan facility for their working capital requirements.
SIDO Geita insisted the trainees to put into action the knowledge received so they can receive the benefits of the training.  SIDO made a follow up plan to see how trainees put the knowledge into application and provide extension and consultancy services to ensure SMEs improve their products.