In an effort to fight against the Corona Virus (COVID – 19), Small Industries Development   Organization (SIDO) has been at the forefront in ensuring that the global crisis of COVID - 19, including Tanzania, ends. The  government of Tanzania is striving to provide a range of education on how to deal with the virus  including regular washing of hands, wearing of masks and to avoid touching of  nose, mouth and eyes. In implementing that, SIDO has also been able to come up with hand sanitizers, hand soaps and designed buckets for hand washing. The buckets are professionally designed in such a way that the user can easily use them without having to open water tap or pressing liquid soap. The buckets have a pressing section at the bottom where the user can press the button set using foot to get liquid soap and water without using hands as using hands to close the tap after washing can be dangerous.

These efforts are being undertaken by various SIDO regional offices including Dodoma, Kilimanjaro, Singida, Dar Es Salaam, Kagera, Arusha, Iringa and Tanga. Various clients have been presenting and tendering including organizations, government institutions, individuals and financial institutions.

Entrepreneur, Mr. Kapalata, a graduate under incubator program from SIDO - Dar Es Salaam, came up with his own innovations of designing and developed a sanitizing buuth machine. The machine has an entry and exit area. The machine expel  a medicine in smoke nature that  starts when a  person tramples the entry point and further spreads the whole body until he/she appears to the exit point. This machine has been of great attraction for those who have seen it and there has been some inquiries from some hospitals, banks etc. about its capabilities, functionality and pricing.

These efforts made by SIDO have been disseminated to various entrepreneurs through training where majority have started their small industries by producing hand sanitizer, hand liquid soaps and special buckets for hand washing. In order for their products to be accepted in the marketplace especially sanitizer and liquid soap, SIDO has also ensured the product produced are of quality and conform to national standards set by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).