Promoting SMEs products and Services

Products and services offered by entrepreneurs have been promoted through various ways to make them access local and international markets.  Among method used are  SIDO zonal exhibition and trade fairs, usage of various  publications, web portals etc.  International trade fairs such as DITF which takes place every month of July each year and even Jua Kali exhibitions, are used to promote  entrepreneurs products and services to international markets as among the participants are from other nations.  Another option is usage of products display centers established in every region of Tanzania mainland through SIDO regional offices.   These centers have been used to promote SMEs products and services include providing them orders from potential buyers. The centers seems to be a good place as buyers find it easy to trace the manufacturer of the products as contact details have been provided at the center.


Various publications have also been used to ensure the products and services offered by entrepreneurs are known. Example, through SIDO magazine published each quarter some entrepreneurs have been advertising their products in a page known as “SMEs product page” where products and contacts are being displayed.  SIDO also organizes a catalog that shows various products and a brief description of the products including communication of relevant products maker. SIDO has a website with pages containing multiple images of products and services offered by SMEs and information of on how you can get in touch including phone numbers and e-mail. Another way of promoting SMEs products is through different forum such as sunflower forum, workshops, brochures, posters, newsletters, etc.